ABOUT US.                        

LK-MOULD Ltd., was founded in 1998 by a team of toolmaking experts in Dongguan City to radically improve and satisfy the demands of global customers for the production of prototypes and tools from China.

On 10.000 sq.meter workshop space with employing over 120 skillful engineers and workers, we make over 500 sets high quality steel-molds and aluminum tools a year to our customers all over the world. The ability to produce moulds in China is in advanced level, strong engineering, high design capability and good communication skills.

Short lead time, competitive pricing and long-term partnerships continues to be the success factors of LK-MOULD.                                

Knowledge, experience, speed and efficiency bring the decisive advantage.                                


We operate in various markets and work for national and international customers. Complete solutions from a single source, the most innovative technologies, comprehensive know-how, precision and perfection, discretion and confidentiality determine our work. We are looking for an active dialogue with our customers from the beginning. The starting point is usually the question of the optimal technology for the desired components and applications. We advise you gladly and in detail.

After 21 years of hard work, LK-MOULD has grown to be one of the highest reputable mould maker in China. The steel moulds and aluminum tools we produce include also automotive parts (dashboards, inner decorating accessories, etc.), electrical appliances (washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, etc.), IT industry products (cell phones, computer, etc.), household products (micro-wave oven, juicer, etc.), office accessories (telephone, printer, etc.) as well as other various of products.

We look forward to participating at the success of your next project.