Die Casting Mold Making.

LK provides you with complete die casting processing services, including mold manufacturing, die casting molding and surface treatment services.

What is die casting?

Die-casting is suitable for the production of large volume of metal products. The surface finish of the products is good with high dimensional stability. The material for die casting can be selected from aluminum alloy, zinc alloy or magnesium alloy.

Advantages of Die Casting:

•Economical manufacturing process;
   •High speed production process;
   •High precision, accuracy and dimensional stability;
   •Different and Simple finishing techniques;
   •Simple assembly process;
   •Suitable for medium and large size products with high cost;

Surface finishing

LK provides various Surface-treatment processes suitable for different products, including sand blasting, polishing, painting, powder coating, electrophoresis, pad printing, screen printing, anodizing, and mechanical processing. Our team will propose the most reasonable Suggest to you.

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