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Do you have a dedicated assembly room?        

We perform many of our parts assembly services in a clean assembly room. Working in this more controlled, clean-critical environment ensures the high quality of our in-house assembly processes, and results in the best-finished products possible for our customers.

What is finishing service?        

Our engineers are committed to providing you with products with perfect appearance. Various treatments such as oil spraying, pad printing, anodizing are available, you can get the desired appearance.

What is pad printing?        

We use pad printing technology on the specified color, and CNC processed special aluminum template, this printing method can be applied to any flat and curved surface of the workpiece. Screen printing is more widely used.

What is Anodizing?        

Anodizing is a post-treatment method that uses electrochemical techniques to change the properties of metal surfaces. We provide aluminum alloy oxidation, magnesium alloy oxidation and titanium alloy oxidation services. The advantages of anodized surface treatment are many, it can enhance the corrosion resistance of the product, improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, beautify the appearance and enhance the adhesion of the pigment coating. Anodizing can effectively reduce electrical conductivity, help to dissipate heat and reduce metal surface reflection.

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